Signing on with RJS Logistics, Inc.

Signing up with RJS is simple, stress-free, and can be done on a computer or even your mobile device. No W-9, insurance certificates, or voided checks to collect, scan, and email. Everything is done electronically. Call us today to book a load and get set up!

Why Haul for RJS

  • RJS’ large network of shippers allows us to offer carriers a reload or round trip on the majority of our lanes
  • Our TMS and Tracking app offer State of the Art technology to keep your trucks loaded and drivers informed
  • Our Dispatch Team is available 24/7, to assist with any and all issues
  • We offer premium rates, for premium service
  • With RJS’ great credit rating, you never have to worry about getting paid. We take pride in our history of on-time payments.
  • We offer payments via check, Comchek, and ACH and can provide electronic settlement notifications via email, so you know exactly when you’re getting paid and how much.
  • Advances and Quick Pays are offered at competitive rates.


RJS Logistics utilizes a powerful trucking dispatch operations management software solution backed by more than 500 employees, most of whom are software developers. We understand that technology is a key component to providing great service to our customers.


We have worked with RJS, specifically Michael Lee, for many years now. We have always had great experiences working with them. They are quick to reply back if any issues or concerns and have a great report with the customers as well. I look forward to continuing to work with RJS and highly recommend them.

Renee S.

We've done a lot of work together with RJS Logistics in the last couple of years. Very reliable and professional team! We always get competitive rates on the market and immediate assistance in case of any issues. I would highly recommend this company! Thanks for your great service.

Eugenia M.

I've used RJS for a few years and have always received the best service from their team. They are very efficient in their work and dependable on the needs of their customers. They went above and beyond to find me the quickest and nearest truck. Bravo to RJS and encourage many others to give them a call.

Sandy S.

My experience with RJS Logistics has been excellent. RJS Logistics shoots to you straight. You can't ask for a better carrier/ broker relationship. I will continue to work with Mike Lee with RJS and I would recommend any Carrier to give RJS Logistics a try.


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