Signing on with RJS Logistics, Inc.

Signing up with RJS is simple, stress-free, and can be done on a computer or even your mobile device. No W-9, insurance certificates, or voided checks to collect, scan, and email. Everything is done electronically. Call us today to book a load and get set up!

Why Haul for RJS

  • RJS’ large network of shippers allows us to offer carriers a reload or round trip on the majority of our lanes
  • Our TMS and Tracking app offer State of the Art technology to keep your trucks loaded and drivers informed
  • Our Dispatch Team is available 24/7, to assist with any and all issues
  • We offer premium rates, for premium service
  • With RJS’ great credit rating, you never have to worry about getting paid. We take pride in our history of on-time payments.
  • We offer payments via check, Comchek, and ACH and can provide electronic settlement notifications via email, so you know exactly when you’re getting paid and how much.
  • Advances and Quick Pays are offered at competitive rates.


RJS Logistics utilizes a powerful trucking dispatch operations management software solution backed by more than 500 employees, most of whom are software developers. We understand that technology is a key component to providing great service to our customers.

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