RJS Logistics welcomes college interns at our North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida offices

An intern’s unique perspective and enthusiasm is always welcome in our offices. Internships are a learning experience for the student as well as our employees. Everyone benefits.

As an internship sponsor, RJS Logistics offers many benefits:

  • Exposure to the “real” world. Many students have never been employed in a commercial business office. Unlike working in a retail establishment or restaurant business, an internship at RJS Logistics will expose you to a whole new world of manufacturers, distributors, carriers, drivers, and others in the world of logistics.
  • Experience working with a variety of people from many walks of life. Your daily phone conversations will expose you to a wide range of individuals, ranging from truck drivers and small business owners to Fortune 500 managers and employees.
  • Training on our state of the art transportation management software, which helps us track our trucks, invoice our customers, and archive our activities.
  • Participation in daily brain-storming meetings in the office, discussing what is trending, where problems are brewing, and where opportunities await.
  • Flexible internship hours. At RJS Logistics, you will be treated as a regular employee, like everyone else. However, we understand your primary mission is your college classes. Your local manager can structure your work schedule accordingly.
  • Competitive hourly pay. Depending on your experience and background, your local manager can establish and track an hourly salary, in exchange for your time and services.

As an intern, you can offer RJS these qualities:

  • Enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. Students with excitement and drive are most likely to succeed at RJS Logistics or most any employer. If you are laid back and withdrawn, you will probably not be a good candidate for an RJS internship.
  • Professionalism. Dressing for success and having a passion for excellence helps everyone in the business world. If you do not take care of your appearance or you do not work at your highest level, you cannot expect to be success. Our interns are expected to push it to the limit.
  • Punctuality. This is a requirement in the business world. Be on time for work
  • Ability to work independently. After you have been trained, we will expect you to understand the things which need to be done—then do them. You will not be shadowed by your manager.
  • Good attitude. At work, and in life, this trait goes a long way

Looking for more information about an internship at RJS Logistics?
Reach out to us for an interview.