There's an assortment of vehicles you have to choose from for your company's shipping needs. The right vehicle will help elevate your delivery potential while also ensuring you don't overpay on features and equipment. One of the most basic yet effective vehicles at your disposal is a straight truck. Before you book any kind of vehicle or invest in drivers and delivery services, here's what you need to know about a straight truck.

What is a Straight Truck?

A straight truck is a single-frame vehicle. In other words, the cargo trailer and the vehicle are constructed together. A moving truck is one example, however, many other companies use these straight truck designs.

These vehicles are different from tractor-trailer trucks in several ways. The main difference with a tractor-trailer is that this vehicle can disconnect from the cargo trailer it has in tow. This makes it easy for a single driver to deliver one cargo load and then pick up a different trailer. Additionally, most tractor-trailers have larger engines and are significantly more powerful.

What are the Benefits of a Straight Truck?

Straight trucks are best used by companies looking to deliver several products close to one another. A bakery, for example, that needs to deliver bread to different stores around town might use a straight truck to perform these deliveries. This kind of vehicle can haul a considerable amount of product, yet when it makes small deliveries at a time, it's easier to have a straight truck design. Plus, there are several sizes of straight trucks, which can vary to slightly larger than a cargo van, all the way up to near semi-tractor-trailer size.

Beyond the size of the straight truck, another key benefit is the operator does not need a special license to drive the vehicle. A regular driver's license is all that's necessary to drive the vehicle. With a semi-tractor-trailer, a special operator's license is required to handle this kind of vehicle. So if you're looking to rent your own straight truck or are interested in purchasing a company straight truck, you won't need to look to hire a professional driver. Anyone in your company that can legally drive can drive your straight truck.

When You Might Want To Consider A Different Vehicle

While there are several benefits to a straight truck, there are times when you might want to consider a semi-tractor trailer. Straight trucks are not the best option when you want to drop off an entire truckload at one location quickly, then grab a different truckload and deliver it to another location. With a semi, you can disconnect the cargo trailer and pick one up in a matter of minutes, saving you time and speeding up deliveries.

Additionally, a straight truck is not always desirable for cross-country deliveries. Many semi-rigs will have sleeping quarters within the vehicle. A straight truck does not have this, so any extended drive will require the driver to stop off at a hotel, increasing delivery costs. But again, all of this depends on what you need to deliver, where it needs to go, and the frequency you need to make the deliveries.

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